This page will be used to store help and support for the club’s coaches and managers. Click on the links below for a presentationand ideas on various elements of the game of football.

A Guide to Managing in Grassroots Football

Attacking Centrally
Attacking Wide
Risky Business

2-3-1 Formation

Match Days:
Match Days

Miscellaneous Practices:
Skills Corridor (pdf)
Skills Corridor (ppt)
Movement and Handling Modules Cards
Pre-Match Warm Up Routines
Short Passing/Possession Games
Transition from 5v5 to 7v7 to 9v9

Playing Through the Thirds:
Creating Space
Playing Out from the Back

Developing Possession
Dribble Run or Pass
Gates and Corners
Keeping Possession
Possession and Receiving Sessions
Possession and Counter Attacking
YM Possession Game

Defending Sessions
Defending When Outnumbered

Level 1 Keeping
Goalkeeping 1
Goalkeeping 2
Goalkeeping 3
Goalkeeping 4
Goalkeeping 5
Goalkeeping 6
Goalkeeping 7
Dealing with a 1v1
Goalkeeping Footwork
Goalkeeping Handling
Goalkeeping 1v1 2v2
Goalkeeping Fundamentals
Shot Stopping
FA Licensed Coaches Event 2013 GK